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Matt Sigman - Hands-On Software Leader

Stop Google Calendar Alerts from Popping iPhone Notifications

This super short post is mostly  a reminder for myself, since I end up needing to come back and do this every few months — just long enough to forget the steps.

When viewing a new Gmail Calendar on a desktop, if you have permission to view their events, it will be automatically be synced with your iPhone (if you’ve configured syncing).  Sometimes this is useful, but other times it’s just a coworkers calendar that you temporarily viewed to schedule a meeting.  And now you’re getting iPhone alert notifications for all of their meetings.  Not good.

Luckily, fixing this is simple once you know the URL to the Sync Select tool within Gmail:

Just go in there and uncheck the undesirable calendars, hit Save, and then go to your iPhone Calendar app to force a sync.  Their events will drop off immediately.  Cheers!

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